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Maconha Brava Extract

Maconha Brava Extract

About Maconha Brava Extract:

Maconha Brava (meaning 'fake marijuana’) is a well-known South American substitute for cannabis. This plant, also known as Zornia latifolia, is harvested throughout the continent and consumed by locals for its euphoric and sedating properties.

The effects create a moderate headspace, slight perceptual shifts, and, if used later in the day, catalyze vivid dreams at night. Stress and pain are also commonly treated with this plant. In synthetic cannabis mixes, which are generally coated with chemicals to produce a powerful high,

Maconha Brava is widely employed. However, savoring this potent plant's unadulterated effects is the right way to experience it.

Use of the Maconha Brava Extract:

Enjoy the benefits of Maconha Brava in a convenient extract with a higher active alkaloid content! The extract can be dissolved into a tea or added to a joint with other herbs and smoked.


The package contains 5g of Maconha Brava extract.

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Maconha Brava Extract by Casy&Petter

This is good for tense muscles. Massaging and this is the ultimate relaxing combination

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Maconha Brava Extract
Maconha Brava Extract by Huib

No More Anxiety!!!!

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Maconha Brava Extract

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