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2spicy natural smokables with wild cannabis:

2spicy is one of the powerful smokables, it is a smoking extract that contains a mixture of aromatic herbs and extracts. It contains Leonotis leonorus which is also known as ´wild dagga´ or often called ´wild cannabis´ and ´ lion´s tail.´

effects of 2spicy:

Because 2spicy is natural and less harmful it is a very populair smoking alternative as it has no negative side effects. 2 spicy will give you an chilled out and relaxing sensation similar to cannabis.

ingredients in one mix of 2spicy:

Leonorus sibiricus, Canavalia baybean, Nymphaea caerulea & Alba, Nelumbo nucifera, Leonotis leonorus and Mitragyna speciosa.

warnings for 2spicy:

Do not take 2spicy if you are on any medication or if you have health problems, without consulting your doctor.
Do not use if you are driving, operating machinery or if you are pregnant.

quantity:3 gram per portion

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Shipping restrictions:
We do not ship this product to: Australia, Spain, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands.

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2spicy (by jack) Monday 01 April, 2013

No effect at all, and the taste is quite bad, its best to go for herbal joint pack...

2spicy (by Davide) Friday 20 May, 2011

Excellent! The taste is not that nice, but effects are pretty good... almost as true stuff.... Relaxing and stunning :-)and the price is very low for the quality. I absolutely reccomend it!..

2spicy (by Jan) Saturday 21 May, 2011

Absolutely no effect at all if you're ment to smoke it. I would say this is a waste of money unless you aren't looking for something to mix with e.g. cannabis....

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