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Marihuanilla Extract

Marihuanilla Extract

About Marihuanilla Extract:

Leonurus sibiricus, also commonly known as honey weed or Siberian motherwort is native to China, Mongolia, and Siberia, but has been naturalized throughout the Americas. Due to its resemblance to cannabis, both in appearance and effects, it was given the nickname Marihuanilla (little marijuana) in Mexico and South America.

Use and effects of Marihuanilla Extract:

This plant has a long history of medicinal use in China, where it would be traditionally given to women to relieve menstrual cramps or applied for its general, cannabis-like relaxing effects.

The extract can be dissolved into a tea or added to a joint with other herbs, such as Damiana, Wild Dagga, or Blue Lotus, and smoked.


The package contains 5g of Marihuanilla extract.

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