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Salvia sage extract
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salvia sage extract 5x and 10x standardized:

standardized salvia sage extract means:
That our smokables, salvia extracts have been made by using a precise amount
of pure salvanorin-A and B, this way you know exactly how much of this is actually in
our extracts.

effects of salvia extract:

salvanorin-A is the main and active substance that is found in the plant salvia divinorum, also called: diviner's age, which can cause the following effects during the trip in several states can occur:

  • 2-dimensional hallucinations
  • out of body experiences
  • becoming a object
  • travelling back in time
  • being in more places at once
  • uncontrolled laughing

Effects develop almost immediately and last about 15 minutes - then wear off very cleanly with no hangover or residual body load.

ingredients of the 2 different salvia extracts:

Color: 5x extract salvia divinorum, contains 12.5 mg salvinorin
1 gram is: 12 strong doses or 25 medium doses.
Color:10x extract salvia divinorum, contains 25  mg salvinorin (Only for advanced salvia users)
1 gram is: 25 strong doses or 50 medium doses.

A medium dose equals 0,5 mg (!) , a dose of 1 mg will give an extremely strong effect.

usage of the salvia sage extracts:

  • Sit or lay down in a quiet, dark environment (with some candles or appropiate music).
  • Do not turn on the television
  • Make sure you have a sitter present (under the influence of salvia people can sometimes get up and walk around and be quite unaware of theis surroundings)
  • It is difficult to ascertain the dosage without a scale, you can get around this by eyeballing the desired dosage and load it into a regular pipe
  • Inhale and hold the smoke in for as long as is comfortably possible

This extract can not be used orally.

Warning for salvia extracts:

When you are new to salvia, start of with only a very small amount to test your sensitivity. The effect of salvia are different for each person and can for some be very overwhelming.
Do not use when pregnant, nursing, depressed or on medication or other psychoactive substances, it can be greatly potentiated by other compounds.

Also now salvia sage strawberry, salvia sage cherry, and salvia sage tropical rum in our online smartshop / smokables!

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Salvia sage extract (by Jonas) Monday 26 April, 2010

Dear users of elephantos.
Im not rather happy about this product, last summer i try'ed some x15, it kicked ass. 5x is not enough if you wonna be really craaaazy xD

- But the psylocybe cubensis growkits.... try some of that shiaat' !

Thank you ..

Salvia sage extract (by Barvid) Friday 06 June, 2008

.......................................... It works ..

Salvia sage extract (by Michael) Sunday 01 November, 2009

Salvia is not an 'hallucinogen' in the usual sense, and it will not make you 'high' in the way Cannabis does. Smoking Salvia is a most Serious Thing. It can 'unravel you present reality' and show you other existences and other realities which are att..

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