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Peruvian Torch seeds

Peruvian Torch seeds
Peruvian torch seeds to grow:

This fast growing cactus Peruvian torch also called Trichocereus peruvianus has a lighter blue colour than the close related San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi), but it contains more mescaline and grows faster. The thorns are longer and brown but turn grey when the cactus gets older.

1 portion of Peruvian torch seeds contains:

20 seeds

Dosage for Peruvian torch seeds:

This Peruvian torch SEEDS are NOT for consumption but only for germination and cultivation.

Maintenance off your Peruvian torch seeds:

The Peruvian torch seeds and small cactus (when it grows) can use a couple of hours direct sunlight, also in the summer. When it is just seeds it can use more water than when the roots are full grown as they than only need little water. Normally they will grow about 30 cm a year than.

Effects of Peruvian torch cactus:

As you grow the Peruvian torch cactus yourself it is hard to say what the amount of mescaline will be at the time you might want to use it, so we cannot indicate a dosage of use for this cactus. However we can inform you that the trip of Peruvian torch cacti is less heavy than one for peyote and also should not give you much nausea as well.

Warnings for Peruvian torch cactus growing from seeds:

When you're using Peruvian torch cactus make sure there's someone with you to assist you when necessary, do not combine with alcohol, MAO-Inhibitors or other stimulants or medication.

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