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Mushroom Growing Supplies

Elephantos is your one-stop shop for mushroom cultivation thanks to our superior range of Mushroom Growing Supplies

The items on this page are intended to assist home growers of all skill levels keep their grow stations free from contamination and facilitate the healthy growth of mushroom spores.

Indeed, because sanitation plays such a major role in mushroom cultivation, most of the items below are hygiene-related. From face masks and aprons to alcohol wipes and medical-grade sterilization paper, you’ll find everything you need to keep the bad bugs away while working on your ‘shrooms.

In addition to sanitation goods, you’ll find all of the items necessary for a successful spawning such as cultivation bags, plastic jars, mycologic rice flour, and perlite. Using all of these tools along with our spore prints or syringes is an ideal way to grow your own mushrooms from start to finish.

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Beginners GrowKit
Beginners GrowKit 23.50 more info
head 2.50 more info
heating mat
heating mat 17.50 more info
medical sterilization paper
medical sterilization paper 2.00 more info
mouth mask 1 layer
mouth mask 1 layer 1.50 more info
mouthmask 3 layers
mouthmask 3 layers 2.50 more info
mycologic riceflour
mycologic riceflour 3.00 more info
perlite 4.50 more info
plastic jar
plastic jar 2.50 more info
shoe cover
shoe cover 1.50 more info
sleeve 2.00 more info
spawnbag 1.25 more info
spores syringe
spores syringe 2.00 more info
sterile alcohol tissue
sterile alcohol tissue 1.00 more info
sterile apron
sterile apron 4.00 more info
sterile handcloves
sterile handcloves 2.00 more info
vermiculite 4.00 more info
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