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Herbal Hash

Herbal Hash
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About Herbal Hash

A relaxing herbal hash mixture to smoke.. or drink hash tea. A little piece of herbal hash just as strong as elephantos herbal joints. This special herbal hash doesn´t contain illegal T.H.C so it is not traceable in an urine or blood test. Have you ever smoked a joint or drunk a cup of marijuana tea or ate a space-cake, and you liked this should really try our Herbal Hash!!!

Effects of Herbal Hash

Relaxed high feeling, Hashy


Herbal Hash Smoking Mix


3 grams


Use the herbal hash mix the same way as you make a real joint, so put some tobacco in a paper add some of the herbal Hash mix, light your joint and SMOKE IT!

Or make yourself a cup of tea and add some of this herbal mixture and DRINK IT!


Herbal Hash has a different effect on each different person. Especially very experienced marijuana smokers who are smoking on a daily base, may not expect the same or strong effect as a marijuana joint. NOT recommended for minors below of the age of eighteen years old. Keep out of reach of children.

Shipping restrictions:
We do not ship this product to: Australia, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Australia, Spain, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Germany.

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Herbal Hash (by Leon) Tuesday 26 July, 2011

Good, lives up to all expectations. definitely going to buy again (Y)..

Herbal Hash (by Fredrik) Sunday 06 January, 2013

You need to use a very large quantity, maybe half of the whole pack. And the only buzz you feel is a little bit drunk. You have no desire to do anything and everything feels like a burden. I would NOT recommend this to anyone. If your looking for a g..

Herbal Hash (by Jesse) Wednesday 11 July, 2012

mixing it with tobacco doesn't taste good in the slightest and it gives a similar effect to being drunk. kind of a mellow, dizzy feel, but that's about it. it also made me a bit nauseous. ..

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