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Bay Bean Extract

Bay Bean Extract

About the Bay Bean Extract:

Bay Bean, or Canavalia rosea, is a hardy, fast-growing, leguminous plant that can be found throughout the coastal areas of the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Australia. While it’s an ancient species and quite widespread due to the buoyancy of its fruits, this traditional Mesoamerican medicinal plant remains somewhat of a mystery.

Use and effects of the Bay Bean Extract:

Dissolving the Bay Bean extract into a tea produces a peaceful, mildly euphoric high, similar to a light cannabis trip. The effects can be felt more strongly with higher doses and on an empty stomach. The extract can also be added to a smoking blend with herbs such as kanna or salvia to potentiate their effects.

Due to the fact that these beans were found around Mazatecan tombs and the plant itself in excavations of ancient civilizations of Oaxaca, Yucatan, and Peru, it’s assumed that this Bay Bean may have been used for its psychoactive effects since ancient times.

The infusion of this plant is a known traditional treatment for rheumatism and inflammation in Caribbean medicine. It’s also a potent antioxidant, contains tons of minerals, and its vasodilatory effect makes it suitable for stimulating digestion and increasing blood circulation.


The package contains 5g of Bay Bean extract.

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Bay Bean Extract by MortenZizzi


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Bay Bean Extract
Bay Bean Extract by MARK

Great quality and fast shipping!

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Bay Bean Extract
Bay Bean Extract by Sugarbooxxxx


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Bay Bean Extract
Bay Bean Extract by Cindy Vasquez

this is my new weed xD

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Bay Bean Extract
Bay Bean Extract by Ro$e

A bit gross in taste but it works

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Bay Bean Extract
Bay Bean Extract by Lyanna

Felt a nice euphoric feeling

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Bay Bean Extract

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