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Salvia sage extreme pack

Salvia sage extreme pack

About Salvia Sage Extreme Pack

The pack contains Salvia Sage Standardised 40x together with a bong or pipe and a torch lighter which ensures that the Salvia burns at the optimal temperature for the perfect high! Buy Salvia Sage Extreme Pack now for a reduced price. If you would rather something lighter than Salvia Sage Extreme try our Salvia 5x Flavour Pack.

Effects of Salvia Sage Extreme Pack

The shamans of the Mazapec Indians of Central America have been using Salvia Divinorum for thousands of years. The shamans use Salvia to reach a state of trance which they use this for healing, meditation and exploration of consciousness.
The unique effects of the Salvia Sage in the Extreme Pack are totally different to those of other hallucinogenic plants such as magic mushrooms or cacti like Peyote, San Pedro or Peruvian Torch. The Salvia Sage in the Extreme Pack provides a short trip (20 minutes to 1 hour) and kicks in almost immediately. The effects may include uncontrollable laughing, 2-dimensional hallucinations, the illusion of becoming a object or of being in several places at once, out-of-body experiences and trips where you imagine travelling back in time.

How to Use the Salvia Sage in the Extreme Pack

Make sure you are in a dark and quiet environment without distracting external influences such as TV or loud music. Light some candles and turn on some gentle and relaxing music. When you are under the influence of Salvia Sage Extreme Extract it is possible that you may walk around unaware of the surroundings. Don’t take Salvia Sage Extreme Extract without making sure that there is somebody around who can take care of you. Put the Salvia Sage Extreme Extract in a bong filled up with ice-cold water (to cool the hot smoke) or in a pipe if you prefer. Use a torch lighter to make sure that the Salvia Sage Extreme Extract burns at the optimal temperature. Inhale and hold in the smoke for as long as possible. Then exhale, lean back and enjoy the ride! The Salvia Sage Extreme Extracts in the pack are for smoking only. Do not swallow.

Each Salvia Sage Extreme Pack contains 1 gram of Salvia Sage Exteme 40x, a torch lighter and a bong (PH-018) (A) or pipe.(AS-001) (B).


The dosage for Salvia varies from person to person. Be careful to avoid overdosing especially with Salvia Extreme Extracts. It is best to start slow and take more only after you have become familiar with the effects. We recommend a tenth of a gram as a good dose to begin with.


Salvia is not addictive but it is not a party drug. The effects of Salvia are best enjoyed in a quiet and intimate environment. If you are new with Salvia, we recommend that you start with Salvia Sage 5x Extract and, if desired, slowly build up to the stronger ones only after you have become familiar with the effects. Be especially careful with the Extreme Extracts. Use them only if you have a sitter present or if you are already very familiar with Salvia. Do not use Salvia Extreme Extract if you suffer from high blood pressure, cardiac or vascular defects or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow.

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