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Stoned or High - Is There a Difference?

28 feb 2020
6 min
George Mouratidis
George Mouratidis

Cannabis cultivation and consumption comes with a whole culture and ideology to support its use and effects on human life. Although it is now accepted and completely legal in many parts of the world, cannabis has spent a lot of time in the shadows of illegality. Therefore, it is no wonder cannabis users developed a whole lingo containing terms to describe the broad spectrum of the cannabis experience.

The often confusing slang terms "buzzed," "high" and "stoned" are used to describe two vastly different -but equally important- psychoactive effects of cannabis. Although often people use them interchangeably, these words carry significantly different meanings. Let's examine all the aspects of being high and being stoned and how you can choose between the two, based on your choice of strain type.

Indica vs. Sativa: Their role in the high vs stoned debate

What you need to know

As a first-time cannabis consumer, it is essential to know what you feel at all times. Keeping control of your mind is extremely important when it comes to cannabis use, and knowledge is key to a better experience. To fully comprehend the difference between high and stoned, you must first familiarize yourself with the two basic cannabis biotypes and their effects: indicas, and sativas.

Even though this dichotomy is not accurate in all cases, due to the amount and popularity of hybrid strains, it is a generally believed that Sativas tend to put you in a more active mode, while Indicas are suggested for relaxed situations. Sativa dominant strains make you extremely energetic, both physically and mentally. The Sativa high feels euphoric, optimistic, and confident.

The initial buzz

the beginning

After consuming any type of cannabis, the first effect you get is the so-called "buzz". It comes after a few minutes of the consumption, and it usually lasts for a few minutes (although the duration depends on the strain type). This feeling acts as an "intro" to the upcoming physical and psychological effects. The buzz triggers a sudden feeling of excitement or euphoria, but the experience is rather mild, compared to the amplified effects that kick in the next level.

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How it feels to be high

What to expect

Most people experience being high as a sudden feeling of excitement and overstimulation. You can tell when you are feeling high because you will become more sociable and talkative, something that is virtually impossible when you are stoned. The high will also deliver a spike of physical energy and will make you somewhat more playful. If you are an artist, you will love being high, as the feeling often comes with an intense burst of creativity and inspiration Scientifically, all of the above is partly the result of adrenaline administration, which is activated during the high effect and makes you feel energetic.

When consuming extreme THC levels, the high could even include hallucinogenic effects, but tread carefully if you are a rookie. People with low THC tolerance or mental health issues might react badly to overstimulation. Always make sure you are in a safe place with people you trust before experimenting!

Strains that make you high

the higher ones

Here are a couple of cannabis strains that will definitely get you high!

Blue Diesel (NYC Diesel x Blueberry)

For an ultimate high we suggest you try the high-energy Sativa strain Blue Diesel to enjoy both physical and mental effects. A few minutes after consuming Blue Diesel, you will feel ready for any artistic or sports activity, full of energy and joy. Originating from California (like the whole Diesel family) Blue Diesel offers strong THC content of 23% with minuscule levels of CBD, resulting in a crystal clear head high with antidepressant effects.

Jack Herer

Another guaranteed high experience is offered by the award-winning Sativa dominant strain Jack Herer. Named after the legendary author and activist, this strain is known and loved for its psychedelic effects and long-lasting and potent highs, making her perfect for creative projects or outdoor activities like music festivals. A mix between NL#5 x Shiva Skunk x Haze genetics, Jack Herer will blow your mind with its high THC, leaving your muscles intact!

How it feels to be stoned

all relaxed

In contrast to feeling high, the stoned state is characterized by intense, long-lasting muscle relaxation and mental apathy. Specifically, after consuming high levels of some potent strains, you will feel sucked into your couch and kinda numb. Do not expect to be talkative during a stoned session, as your mind will enter a transcendental state and you'll keep forgetting stuff all the time.

Generally, Indicas are more likely to cause a heavy stone than Sativas, as they naturally arouse physical relaxation and stress relief, gradually putting you in deep sleep mode. However, that's not always the case, since most of the strains on the market are hybrids. In any case, if you don't know if you're stoned or high, try to maintain a conversation. If you are stoned, you won't be able to focus on anything other except cartoons and silly YouTube videos.

Adverse effects might include lethargy, so be sure not to drive or work if you are planning on getting stoned.

Strains that make you stoned

the stoner ones

Here are a couple of cannabis strains that will glue you to your couch. Make sure to have pizza nearby!

OG Kush

This is one of the most renowned and beloved indica strains in the world, providing the ultimate relieving stone. With a 19% THC level, OG Kush has a calming impact on body and mind, as she diffuses tension and puts you in a relaxing, mellow state away from stress and pain. This strain is considered to have therapeutic effects -not scientifically proved, though- as it is often used to fight depression and insomnia.

White Rhino

This indica dominant strain makes an ideal choice if you seek to enjoy a long-lasting relaxation. True to its name, White Rhino will charge at you full force with its potent THC concentration of 22% and above, resulting in a painless and stress-free physical state alongside with a blissful state of mind. Perfect for rainy days and cozy nights at home!

High vs. stoned: two sides of the same coin

choose your buzz

To conclude,  the core difference between high and stoned is that they describe different levels of physical and emotional reaction to cannabis consumption, as in most cases, the one comes after the other. Keep in mind, though, as stated above, that you can choose, up to a certain point, the desirable effects through your choice of cannabis strains.