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OG Snuff Key Punch Pink

  • OG Snuff Key Punch Pink
  • OG Snuff Key Punch Pink
  • OG Snuff Key Punch Pink
  • OG Snuff Key Punch Pink

About OG Snuff Key Punch Pink

The Snuff Key is a modern twist on the classic way to dig coke out of a baggie. As normal keys make for pretty crappy coke spoons and often cause much of the powder to end up on the floor, this version by OG Snuff features a scooper at the end, making it an ideal sniffing accessory.

Aside from it being practical, this tiny tool is also very discrete—resembling any other key, it is a completely inconspicuous addition to your keychain—and it’s much more hygienic to use than actual keys, which often come into contact with many hands and surfaces throughout the day.

The Snuff Key is cut from high-quality acrylic and comes in a variety of funky colors. Its dimensions are: 60 x 25 mm.

NOTE: Does not unlock any doors.

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