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OG Snuff XL Straw

  • OG Snuff XL Straw
  • OG Snuff XL Straw
  • OG Snuff XL Straw
  • OG Snuff XL Straw
  • OG Snuff XL Straw

About the OG Snuff XL Straw

OG Snuff is a brand well-known for its ingenuity and dedication to quality, and their XL Straw lineup reflects both of these values.

These sniffers are aimed at those wanting to stand out from the crowd for the exorbitant size of the accessory they’re packing. While the diameter of the tube is a standard 5mm, its length is a whopping 20cm, allowing for sniffing from a distance, and creating a totally new way to enjoy your favorite powder.

The XL Straw is made from high quality aluminum which features a smooth, scratch-resistant, anodized finish. The design implements curvatures at both ends, which allows for a comfortable and enjoyable sniffing experience.

Finally, this durable and easy-to-wash tube serves to make sniffing far more hygienic than when using rolled up bills, which often contain various bacteria and other pathogens.

Order yours today and uplevel your sniffing style. Available in gold and purple finish.

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