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World Cup Coke Sniffer

  • World Cup Coke Sniffer
  • World Cup Coke Sniffer
  • World Cup Coke Sniffer
  • World Cup Coke Sniffer

About the World Cup Coke Sniffer

Ideal for soccer lovers or just about anyone who feels like a champion after a line or two, this trophy-shaped sniffer is a charming cocaine accessory sure to be a delight at any social gathering.

At only 6.7 cm in length, the World Cup coke sniffer is a highly portable device, which, aside from being an attention grabber, also provides a step up in terms of sniffing hygiene.

Using objects such as bank notes for sniffing can lead to infections, as their frequent handling facilitates transmission of pathogens. This is why a dedicated snuff tool is a must for anyone conscious of the risks involved.

This little snuff tube works best as a present to a real soccer fan or as an award to the winner of a sniffing competition.

Available in gold and silver.

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