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OneGee Carbon Tube

  • OneGee Carbon Tube
  • OneGee Carbon Tube
  • OneGee Carbon Tube
  • OneGee Carbon Tube

About OneGee Carbon Tube

While rolled up banknote commonly used for snuffing, most users aren’t aware that each banknote can carry millions of bacteria and other microorganisms, which can easily enter your body through the mucous membrane when it gets damaged during sniffing.

OneGee Carbon Tubes present a stylish and effective solution to this problem, and are recommended to anyone conscious of the infection risks casual sniffing entails.

The dimensions of the carbon tubes are 4.5 mm x 75 mm. They can be used standalone or as accessories in combination with other oneGee products, which are also designed to cater to a high standard of hygiene.

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OneGee Carbon Tube by Neal

Very good customer service! I had a few questions, and these guys were quick and professional in the..

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OneGee Carbon Tube

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