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OneGee Golden Snuff Tube

  • OneGee Golden Snuff Tube
  • OneGee Golden Snuff Tube

About the oneGee Golden Snuff Tube

Combining exquisite design and durability with exceptional build quality, the oneGee Golden Snuff Tube is the classiest and sturdiest tube available on the market. The elegant 24 karat gold coating embellishing this tube will make sure you are recognized as a distinguished user. It will also facilitate much more hygienic usage in contrast to rolled-up banknotes, which often contain a plethora of pathogens. The 6mm inner diameter facilitates consistently smooth and satisfying experiences, and the 75mm length allows easy access to the bottom of any standard container. The oneGee Golden Snuff Tube is a product meant for true aficionados who want to add style to their experience and take it to the next level. While it does represent an investment compared to conventional tubes, it’s one that’s forever and one you certainly won’t regret.


Our products are not intended for the use of illegal drugs. They are solely designed for the nasal use of legal substances or medications legally prescribed by a doctor.

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