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THC tester

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THC tester

THC tester

Ideal THC test for personal use, testing your employee or kid.
It is your choice!
No special equipment or knowledge is necessary for this test.

Which drugs can you test with the THC tester:

THC drug test detects the main active component in marihuana and cannabis related products, the 9-tetrahydrocannabinol substance.
THC (in Marijuana, Cannabis, puff, spliff or hash) gets into the body while smoking and it stays detectable for 2–14 days (casual use) and up to 30 days (heavy use).

Measurement levels for the THC test:

This THC urine strip test sensitivity is 50 ng/ml (nanogram/milliliter), which is equal to the cut-off level, established by the Institute of Drug Abuse.

Contents of THC tester:

1 test strip
1 instruction manual

Usage of THC tester:

3 simple steps:

Step 1: Take a clean and dry container and collect the urine sample.
Wait with the test till the sample and the tester has a room temperature of 15-30o C
(Tester is still in protective cover at this stage, to protect it from moisture)

Step 2: Remove the test strip from its protective cover (and use it as soon as possible), and hold the strip vertically (with the arrow pointing down) into the sample container.
(If necessary label the device first with patient or control number)
The urine level should not be higher than the mix level indicator line on the strip.
Do not cover the urine over the max (maximum) line.

Step 3: Take the THC test strip out after a 10-15 seconds, lay the THC test strip flatly on a non-absorptive clean surface, start the timer and the red lines will appear.
Read result after 5 minutes.
Do not read result after 10 minutes.

THC test results:

NEGATIVE: 2 lines appear.
1 red line in the Control region (C) and another line in the
Test region (T).
This indicates a negative result.
It indicates that the drug concentration in urine samples
is below the specified cutoff (detection limit)

POSITIVE: A red line appears in the
Control region (C), but no line in the
Test region (T)
This indicates a positive result.
It indicates that the drug concentration in urine samples
specified cutoff (detection limit) for that specific drug over increases.

INVALID: There appears no adequate lines..
Most likely the sample volume or procedural techniques are incorrect.
Verification process: start all over again with a new test.
If the problem stays the same stop testing.

*NOTE: The red color in the test line (T) will vary,
but it should be considered as negative whenever even a
faint pink line appears.

Warning for THC test:

Do not use after expiration date.
Do not take the tester out of the cover before use.
When you use urine samples consider all health issues.
Do not put the tester into a freezer or fridge

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