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Salvia strawberry 5X extact

Salvia strawberry 5X extact

About Salvia Sage Strawberry 5x Extract

Salvia sage strawberry is not dangerous or addictive, but it is not a party drug! You need to smoke this in a quiet environment and it will causes only a short trip, different from cacti or mushroom. After this you return to reality quickly. This strawberry flavored salvia taste better than our non flavored 5x salvia extract but only try this when you experienced our smokables salvia sage 5x standardized extract.

Effects of Salvia Strawberry 5x Extract

This extract has a standardized amount of salvanorin-A which is the main and active substance that is found in the plant salvia divinorum, also called: diviner's age. A number of themes are frequently experienced with salvinorin A:

  • Becoming objects
  • Visions of various two-dimensional surfaces
  • Films and membranes
  • Revisiting places from the past, especially childhood loss of the body and/or identity
  • Various sensations of motion or being pulled or twisted by forces of some kind
  • Uncontrollable hysterical laughter
  • Overlapping realities, the perception that one is in several locations at once.


Strawberry 5X extract, contains 12,5 mg. Salvanorin-A. 1 gram extract: is 12 strong doses or 25 medium doses.


  • First find a comfortable position, preferably sitting down in a quit environment
  • Make sure you have a sitter present (under the influence of salvia people cansometimes get up and walk around and be quite unaware of theis surroundings)
  • Inhale and hold the smoke in for as long as is comfortably possible.
  • Effects develop almost immediately and last about 15 minutes (then wear off very cleanly with no hangover or residual body load)
  • It is difficult to ascertain the dosage without a scale, you can get around this by eyeballing the desired dosage and load it into a regular pipe
    This extract can not be used orally.


Do not use when pregnant, nursing, depressed or on medication or in conjunction with other psychoactive substances, it can be greatly potentiated by other compounds. Take your explorations with Salvia Divinorum slowy, get to know the territory one step at a time. Use it with the respect and reverence it deserves and it will reward you with deep insight.

Do not use this online smartshop salvia sage strawberry before you tried our salvia sage 5x standardized smokables! Also look for our salvia sage cherry extract 5x!

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