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Blue Cheese feminized seeds

Blue Cheese
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About: Blue Cheese feminized seeds

The Blue Cheese Feminized Seed strain is a cross between a female Cheese plant and a male Blueberry plant, which were developed in the U.K. It is an Indica-dominated hybrid that carries the pungent, cheesy characteristics of its mother with a sweet, fruity twist, hence its name. The strain has a distinctive dank, fruity smell, making it easy to identify.

The Blue Cheese cannabis plant grows up to about two meters tall. Usually it is grown to a medium height and then allowed to spread out, so the leaves get as much exposure to sunlight as possible. The leaves carry a purple tint, making it an attractive plant. Once it flowers, the buds will include orange and white hairs with green and purple leaves. Blue Cheese is easy to grow and is considered by growers to be a relatively fun, low-stress plant.

Genetics: 80% Indica 20% Sativa

Growing: Indoor or outdoor

Flowering: 8-10 weeks

Harvest: September

Yield: Indoor: 18 oz - 510 grams m² / Outdoor: 19 oz - 530 grams m²

Height: 76-190 cm

Effect: A relaxing and euphoric high

THC level: 20%

CBD level: 2%

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