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Critical feminized seeds

Critical feminized seeds

Critical Feminized Marijuana is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa varieties which comes close to perfection. Critical Feminized Marijuana has a short growing cycle, roughly eight weeks, which makes it suitable for growing in both warm and more northern, cooler climates where the growing season is much shorter. Critical Feminized Marijuana seeds have a genetic background of Afghani and Skunk varieties, responsible for the lovely flavor and aroma. Critical Feminized Marijuana has a fruity skunk-like smell and is very easy to grow which makes it popular with both home and professional growers.

Buy now Critical Feminized Marijuana Seeds or Critical Autofowering Marijuana Seeds, especially suitable for guerilla growing in our seedshop.

seed Genetics: Sativa / Indica hybrid

seed Flowering: 6 weeks

seed Harvest: September

seed Yield: 900 - 1200 grams

seed Height: Large

seed Effect: very nice high, delicious fruity taste

seed THC: Strong 15%

seed Quantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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