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San Pedro seeds
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About San Pedro seeds

Seeds for San Pedro cacti but without complete growkit, growing instructions are included. The San Pedro Cactus can grow up to 6 meters each and contains mescaline, but it takes about a year for the seeds produce roots and start growing, however the cactus itself grows very fast, about 10 to 50 centimeters a year.

1 portion of San Pedro seeds contains

20 San Pedro seeds

For a preview to see how easy it is to grow San Pedro cactus with these seeds, have a look at our San pedro cacti growkit instructions as the growing method is the same, with or without the growkit.

Not included

  • Grow container (jar) with lid
  • Cactus soil (50%)
  • Drainage gravel (20%)
  • Cover sand (20%)
  • Perlite (10% but can be used without)


These seeds are NOT for consumption but only for germination and cultivation.


Once your seeds have grown to the size of a small (6 – 15 cm) or big (15 – 25 cm) cactus and you are planning to use them,  have a look at our instructions for Elephantos psychedelic San pedro cactus


When you're using San Pedro make sure there's someone with you to assist you if necessary. In case of a bad trip, Seresta or Valium can help!

To buy ready to use San pedro cactus or a complete San Pedro grow kit or for more information about the effect or usage of the cactus please have a look at our Elephantos psychedelic San pedro cactus or go to: San pedro cacti growkit

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