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Green Crack feminized seeds

Green Crack

About: Green Crack feminized seeds

Green Crack is a well-loved and intense Sativa strain first developed in Athens, Georgia in the 70’s. It is derived from Skunk #1 and possibly an Afghani landrace Indica. Originally the strain was called Green Cush, and is sometimes still referred to by that name. It is recognizable partially by its citrusy scent with earthy or woodsy undertones. The inhale can taste somewhat tangy, while the exhale might be a bit spicy. Green Crack use tends to produce an energetic and focused high, and can therefore be good for livening up chores or getting inspiration for a project. It also can have psychedelic effects, including interesting visuals and time dilation.

Green Crack is a relatively easy strain to grow. It grows well outdoors in moderate temperatures and rich soil. It tends to get tall quite quickly, and needs a lot of space to grow. However, because of the short time to flower, it is also a popular indoor variety as more than one harvest can be performed in a year. Once it flowers, the plant resembles an Indica in its small, clustered buds. The leaves are lime green or yellow and can be streaked with purple if exposed to cold temperatures, while the buds have reddish-orange pistils.

seed Genetics: 65% Sativa 35% Indica

seed Growing: Indoor or outdoor

seed Flowering: 7-9 weeks indoors

seed Harvest: Early October

seed Yield: Indoor: 18 oz - 510 grams m² / Outdoor: 25 oz - 710 grams m²

seed Height: 198-200 cm

seed Effect: An energetic and psychedelic high

seed THC level: 23%

seed CBD level: 0.1%

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