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Misty feminized marijuana seeds

Misty feminized marijuana seeds

weedAbout misty marijuana seeds:

is a short and stocky plant. The lime green bubble like leaves are thick and heavy like salad. Buds are dense and covered with THC glands extending to the shade leaves. Though Misty marijuana seeds shares genes with white Widow, it finishes earlier and produces tighter buds with a greater yield. Misty marijuana seeds gives off a powerful musky smell, some say it is like old sweat. Unlike its near offensive aroma, misty smokes sweet and leaves a sugar after taste in the mouth

seedGenetics: Mostly Indica

seedFlowering: 8-9 Weeks

seedHarvest: August-September

seedYield: 500 Grams

seedHeight: Short

seedEffect: Stoney yet high- Allround Buzz

seedThc level: Strong 15%

seedQuantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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