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Purple Power marijuana seeds

Purple Power marijuana seeds
weedAbout Purple Power marijuana seeds:
In the late 80's the famous import purple strains were very popular to smoke but would not grow so well in the northern European climate. New Purple Power marijuana seeds was developed so the qualities of the yummy purple strains could be cultivated successfully in cold and wet climates. Purple Power ancestors are a Thai/Columbian influenced haze and a very early Dutch Skunk. New Purple Power has a unique sweet-sour flavour and is moderate in strength. The buzz is energetic. Buds are darker purple if finished in a cooler environment.

seedGenetics: Mostly Sativa

seedFlowering: 8 Weeks

seedHarvest: August/September

seedYield: 400 Grams

seedHeight: Tall

seedEffect: Sativa High- Cereberal Buzz

seedThc level: Moderate 5-10%

seedQuantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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