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Bay Bean

Bay Bean

About Bay Bean:

Bay Bean, also known as Canavalia rosea, is a hardy, fast-growing leguminous plant found along the coasts of the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Australia. While it is an ancient and widely spread plant (thanks to the buoyancy of its beans), this traditional Mesoamerican medicine remains something of a mystery to Western science.

Use and effects of the Bay Bean:

Brewing Bay Bean leaves into a tea creates a tranquil, moderately euphoric high, akin to a light cannabis trip. The water should not be allowed to boil with the leaves in it, since this will cause the active chemicals to degrade. Instead, boiling water should be poured over the leaves and heated for a few minutes over a tea light. The effects are stronger at higher dosages and on an empty stomach.

The leaves can also be smoked for a similar effect, and this plant especially achieves its full potential when added to smoking blends with other herbs, such as kanna or salvia. Because these beans and the plant itself were discovered in excavations of ancient civilizations in Oaxaca, Yucatan, and Peru, it is suspected that this Bay Bean has been utilized by ancient Central- and South American cultures for its psychoactive properties.

An infusion made from this plant's leaves is a well-known traditional remedy for rheumatism and inflammation in Caribbean medicine. Its mineral content and antioxidant properties are strong, and its vasodilatory effects make it good for stimulating digestion and boosting circulation.


The package contains 50g of dried Bay Bean leaves.

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