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Valerian Officinalis


About Valerian officinalis

Valeriana Officinalis or Valerian is used to calm down the central nerves system. Valerian is mostly been used by sleeplessness, it helps to fall faster in sleep and to wake up without a dazed feeling. The herb is especially useful for people who are so active that they cannot relax. Valerian is calming down all sorts of stress, but does not interrupt the power of concentration. It’s been used by fear and overexertion because of the absence of serious hypnotic side effects.

Use of Valerian officinalis

To make Valerian tea: Put a few dinner spoons of valerian magic herb in half litre boiling water and let this boil soft for 5 minutes longer in a covered pan. Let it cool down and drink it with a little honey.

To make a Valerian residue: Put 50 grams of valerian in half a litre boiling water as above, after this you let evaporate the tea slowly till there remains a sticky residue. You can use this in small doses.


Valeriane helps to fall faster in sleep and to wake up without a dazed feeling. Valerian is calming down all sorts of stress. At high doses it gives you the feeling of 'floating in air'.

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1 portion contains

100 grams of shredded Valerian root.


At some people the herb has a stimulating effect instead of a relaxing effect. When this happens, you can better don't use this herb anymore. After intensive and long use it can cause headache and restlessness.

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Valerian by Casey

My cat went crazyyyyyy XD

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Valerian by M-N

The taste is gross but it did calm me down

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Valerian by Stanley

I have tried many herbs and methods but Valerian Root is one of the most effective ones for enhancin..

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