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Maconha Brava

Maconha Brava

About Maconha Brava:

Maconha Brava, or Zornia latifolia, is a well-known cannabis substitute. It is sometimes referred to as 'fake marijuana' - actually, its street name has this meaning when translated.

This plant grows natively throughout South America, with locals harvesting and drying the plant to indulge in its effects. It is known for its gentle sedating yet euphoric effects which induce a mild headspace, slight perceptual changes, and, if consumed later in the day, vivid dreams at night. It’s also used to counter pain and stress.

Maconha Brava is frequently used in synthetic cannabinoid blends, which are typically sprayed with chemicals to achieve a potent high. However, the proper way to experience this powerful plant is by enjoying its pure effects.

Use of Maconha Brava:

The dried leaves can be brewed into a tea, smoked on their own, or in a blend with other herbs.


The package contains 50g of Maconha Brava dried leaf.

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