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Calming marijuana-like magic herb scullcap:

This calming magic herb may be smoked to produce a marijuana-like high.
If made into a tea, the effects will be more intense and very relaxing, used to fight menstrual pains and headaches.
Skullcap is also a powerful medicinal herb, and so used in alternative medicine.
It can help with fears and insomnia, but can also induce visions.

Use of skullcap:

To smoke scullcap you can easily roll some of this magic herbs in a big cigarette paper or smoke it in a water-pipe. Smoke scullcap preferably without tobacco.
To make tea add 25 grams of scullcap to half a litre of hot water for 20 minutes, eventually add sugar. Drink 1 or 2 cups for the desired effect.

1 portion of skullcap contains:

50 gram shredded skullcap

Effective substances of skullcap:


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Warning for scullcap:

Scullcap is not a medicine and never may be used as such. Scullcap may not be used with medicines or tranquilizers. It is strong in itself, and the chemistry has yet to be identified.
Do not use when you are pregnant.

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Scullcap (by livio) Sunday 31 January, 2010

grazie per aver accettato la mia richiesta di iscrizione..

Scullcap (by Matt) Monday 01 September, 2008

I used the whole 50 gram bag to make tea. I boiled it for about an hour in approx 4 cups of water and then drank the tea. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever drank, ate, tasted, smelt or anything. I choked it down, and there were no effects ..

Scullcap (by Michael) Thursday 16 June, 2011

Got my scullcap today. Soaked 25 grams of this herb in hot water for 20 minutes, as recommended on this site. Spiced it up with a little bit of honey to make it taste better. Drank ALL OF IT. Feeling just a tiny bit lightheaded and a little tired (wh..

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