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Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce

About Wild Lettuce:

Wild Lettuce, or Lactuca virosa, is a botanical relative of the common garden lettuce. However, this species reportedly has an ancient history of medicinal use as a relaxant sedative; in ancient Greece and Egypt, it’s said to have been traditionally given as a treatment to those with insomnia, stress, or anxiety.

In 1792, a doctor from Philadelphia described the effects of the herb as opium-like, and it was henceforth used in the US by physicians when opium could not be obtained or as an adulterator of opiates. More recently, the herb has become popular as 'not-pot', a legal substitute for marijuana. It has no psychoactive properties and is not scheduled by the FDA.

Use and effects of Wild Lettuce:

In its raw state, a bitter liquid called lactucarium can be derived from the extract of its milky stem secretions. However, when dried, this herb is smoked or used for brewing teas, which may help relieve migraines, insomnia, anxiety, spasmodic cough, and pain.


The package contains 100g of Wild Lettuce dried leaf.

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