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Magic Rye Mushbag Grow Pack

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Magic Rye Mushbag Grow Pack

Besides the single magic rye mushback we now offer a complete set which includes all necessary items to start grow immediately.
The magic rye mushbag usually will give you a yield of 1000-1500 grams of fresh mushrooms!!!!!!
Harvest is reachable within 2 a 3 weeks (dependable on circumstances)
The magic rye mushback is equipped with an absolute filter and a rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with the spore syringe.

Contents of complete magic rye mushback grow pack:
magic rye grow supply

1 magic rye mushbag which contains about 1400 grams of rye
1 syringe (to choose)
1 liter( 50 gram) vermiculite
3 plastic jars
3 spawnbags
1 pair of sterile handcloves
1 pair of sleeves
1 sterile alcohol tissue
1 mouthmask

How to use this grow pack:

Start (inoculation) of the magic rye mushback:

  • Clean the rubber injection port on the bag with the supplied alcohol tissue.
    cleaning tissue

  • Heat the needle and let it cool down about 15 seconds.
    heat sterile needle

  • Inject some liquid from the spore syringe into the bag (1-200 ml) and withdraw the needle (If the flow blocks gently pull the needle back a bit)
    inject liquid spores

  • Seal the hole with a drop of hot glue.
    seal with hot glue

It is very important to work real sterile!! (that´s why you need the supplied items)

Store (incubation) of the magic rye mushback:

  • The inoculated grain should be incubated on a dark spot with a constant temperature average of 25°C
    incubation procces
    (or the temperature that is optimal for the species being cultivated)


When temperature is too low it will grow to slow, when it is to high your spawn will get sick.

  • To speed up your bag you should carefully shake or squeeze it every few days to distribute the colonised kernels throughout the substrate.
    mycilium covered

When the substrate is completely covered with mycelium it's ready to test.

Test the magic rye mushback:

  • You now need to test for contamination, do this by shaking or squeezing the bag again.
  • Put away for another 24 hours
  1. If the rye mushback is contaminated with molds than the whole bag will turn green, blue or grey. A bacterially contaminated bag will not recover at all and will often smell sour, alcoholic or rancid.
    contaminated with molds

  2. If the spawn recovers nicely it's ready for use.
    spawn recovers nicely

Use the content of the magic rye mushback to grow mushrooms:

There are several ways in which the inoculated rye can be used to grow mushrooms.

  • The easiest and safest method is to keep the rye in the bag, but cover it with a thin layer of vermiculite. To do this, carefully open the bag at the top (using sterile equipment), add the vermiculite, fold the top of the bag two times and close it with two paperclips.
  • Another method with better results is to case the rye in plastic jars
  • (necessary items needed are included in these complete grow pack)

    Casing is the process of putting a wet soil on top of the colonised substrate and is necessary for mushroom formation to take place, for important reasons:
    * To prevent drying out: The casing surface should be kept moist by regular watering
    * To store and supply water to growing mushrooms: as this functions as a water reservoir for the growing mushrooms.
    * Providing a good microclimate for pinhead formation: With all small bumps and valleys the rough surface of a casing layer provides a good humid and protected environment for young mushrooms to form

Casing the magic rye mushback:

  • Shake the bag (this will break the grain).
  • Divide the colonised substrate into the supplied plastic jars.
  • Cover with your hands (wearing latex gloves, or use a sterile large spoon) the surface with 1-2 cm of wet vermiculite (or casing mixture if you prefer). This is called “casing”.
  • Cover the cased plastic jars with aluminium foil and store (incubate), in the dark again on a constant average temperature of 25ºC, until the mycelium is growing through again.
  • Then it is time to remove the foil, the filterjars are exposed to fruiting conditions. (Normally this is one week after casing)

Fruiting the magic rye mush jars:

  • Put the plastic jars into the spawnbags and close them with 2 paperclips.
  • The casings need some light now (In the dark mushrooms will not form), but make sure you do not expose them to direct sunlight and again a constant average temperature of 25ºC
  • Depending on the strain the first pinheads will appear 6-15 days after putting the casings in the spawnbags.
  • The mushrooms will mature in 5-7 days after which they can be picked.

Maintaining the magic rye mush jars:

  • Clean the surface of the casing by removing aborted mushrooms.
  • Water the plastic jars again for a next flush (immediately after harvesting)
  • Drain off the excess water and put them back in the spawnbag.

Normally the casings produce 3 flushes, but may sometimes produce as much as six flushes! If contaminations show up on the casing surface it's better to throw the jars away.

Almost every psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain can be used for the magic rye mushbag.
Though, our experience is that the psilocybe cubensis Cambodia strain is the strongest strain for this kind of purposes. Panaeolus species generally will not fruit.

Shipping restrictions:
We do not ship this product to: Australia, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Spain.

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