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Mushroom Mycelium Box
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Myceliumbox growkits

New myceliumboxes, ready to use growkits in different strains.
You can harvest (if you take good care) 300-600 grams of fresh Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms in 3 weeks

4 new growkits now available to chose from:

Psilocybe Cubensis Colombia: Yield 300-500 gram
Psilocybe Cubensis Equador: Yield 300-500 gram
Psilocybe Cubensis Thai: Yield 400-600 gram
Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher: Yield 300-500 gram

Offcourse we still sell our old growkit (s) to buy these click: cubensis mushroom growkit

1 growkit contains:

1 growkit
mycelium box growkit
1 filterbag
spawn filterbag
1 paperclip
cultivation paperclip
1 pair sterile hand gloves
sterile hand gloves
1 sterile alcohol tissue

1x grow instruction (not included but available online)
grow instruction

The only other thing you need is sterilised or cold tap water and a (sterile) plant water sprayer!

Usage of the Myceliumbox growkit:
10 steps to success:

Step 1) Wash your hands real good an preferably put on ¨sterile hand gloves¨
clean the growbox on the outside with a alchol tissue (included)

wash hands sterile sterile hand gloves

Step 2) Remove the lid from the myceliumbox.
remove lid box
Step 3) Fill the growbox gently with sterilised or a cold tap waterand put the lid back on the
box. Leave the myceliumbox to soak for 24 hours.

soak the myceliumbox place the lid back

Step 4) Then, the next day, open one corner of the lid again and pour out the excess water,remove the lid from the myceliumbox
(but keep it, Do not throw away the lid. Clean it, dry it and keep it in a clean (sterile) place for further use. )
It's very important that all redundant water runs off or you will risk losing your kit to contamination!

clean lid myceliumbox sterile place for lid

Step 5) Add 0,5 litre (2 cups) of sterilised or a cold tap water to the growing bag/filterbag (included). Be aware that you don't trow any water into the box.
The water is ment to keep the humanity insite the bag.
Than place the myceliumbox into the growing bag/filterbag. Close this growing bag/filterbag by folding the top and fasten it with the paperclip (included).

sterilized water fold the spawm bag fold the mycelium  bag

Step 6) Place the complete growkit on a warm spot (20-25ºC) and make sure there is enough
daylight. Do not place the growing bag in direct sunlight and do not place the growing bag on a heating device.
Make sure the temperature does not exceed 30ºCelsius; otherwise the mushroom may not survive!!

growkit warm spot

Step 7) Spray water daily (by using a plant water sprayer). After harvesting you should do this as well.!

dailey spraying mushrooms

Step 8) After about 10-12 days the first mushrooms appear.

first mushrooms appear

Step 9) Just before the mushrooms start to open their caps, it is time to harvest!
Gently hold them at the root and carefully twist and lift them to pull the magic mushroom out.

harvest magic mushrooms

Step 10)
So after harvesting return to Step 4 to start your Myceliumbox growkit again!

For more information about harvesting and maintaining your growkit read below:

Harvest the Myceliumbox growkit
Always work very sterile otherwise your growkit will get contaminated!!!

Mushrooms grow in so called 'flushes'. After each flush you can harvest the myceliumbox growkit.
The correct stages to harvest the mushrooms are just before the largest mushrooms open their caps harvest cubensis mushroom
Harvesting too early small cubensis shroom will lead to a lower yield.

Harvesting too late will lead to black, spore covered,mushrooms open caps to late

Normally you should harvest a flush completely at one time by picking them out, just before the largest mushrooms open their caps. Take the smaller ones out too (work very sterile again) Gently hold them at the root and carefully twist and lift them to pull the mushroom out. By doing so, it becomes possible for new mushrooms to grow.
Sometimes one or two mushrooms develop faster than the rest, pick these and let the others mature.
It's also normal that a few mushrooms form between the substrate and the sides of the box. Unless they are very large it's best to leave these.
Don't go digging in the substrate to get these little ones out!

The substrate surface, the box and the bag may become black/purple. This means you contaminated the box as these are the spores of the mushrooms, this will mainly happen when the mushrooms are picked (too) late, or when you did not work sterile enough. It will also turn green or purple when all flushes are done and the time has come to through away your kit.

Maintain the Myceliumbox growkit
Always work very sterile otherwise you will contaminate your kit!!!

Immediately after harvesting, the kit has to be soaked for the NEXT flush of cubensis mushrooms.
Make sure the substrate is clean (no sign of mushrooms left)
Start again with Step 4 by filling it with water again.

As long as the kit does not turn green, purple or black you can repeat the process of harvesting and soaking. The normal time span between harvests is about 10 days.
Expect the kit to produce at least 4 flushes, if it stops giving flushes it is time to through away the growkit. When the kit is exhausted or contaminated through away immediately before it contaminates other growkits.
The average yield for our growkits is about 400 gram!

If you want another strain of ready to use cubensis mushroom growkit you can also buy our Elephantos, mushroom cultivation, Cubensis mushroom growkit !!!

If you want to prepare your own growkit you can also buy our Elephantos, mushroom cultivation, beginners growkit !!!

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Mushroom Mycelium Box (by Alicia) Wednesday 25 May, 2011

commandé le lundi recu le mercredi nikel, bien emballé, ya pu qu'a attendre que sa pousse maintenant..

Mushroom Mycelium Box (by R.) Wednesday 30 November, 2016

delivery abroad quit long but i think this is not a problem, any way thank you guys and i hope they will grow.....

Mushroom Mycelium Box (by dennis) Tuesday 28 December, 2010

Brilliant! a bit slow fruiting process (18 days before the 1st pins showed) but that might be because of the temperature haven´t been perfect in my case.Now the box is filled with nice pins and I´m waiting for the first flush which ,I think´s ,gon..

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