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San Pedro cactus grow kit (trichocereus pachanoi)

San Pedro cactus grow kit (trichocereus pachanoi)

Sanpedro cacti grow kit easy to use complete elephantos grow kit   
Now you can grow a couple of your own elephantos Sanpedro cacti (Trichocereus pachanoi) with this very easy to use Sanpedro cacti grow kit powered by elephantos. The Sanpedro cactus  is a more friendly version than the peyote cactus and also grows a lot faster.
San Pedro cacti contains mescaline and other psychoactive alkaloids

1 Sanpedro cacti grow kit contains:

  • 20 viable living seeds
  • Grow container with lid
  • Perlite
  • Cactus soil
  • Drainage gravel
  • Cover sand
  • Instructions

Usages of Sanpedro cactus grow kit: 
Just follow the instructions included in the grow kit, as it is real easy to grow your own cacti using our elephantos psychedelic san pedro cacti grow kit 

Usages of Sanpedro cactus: 
Once your seeds have grown to the sizes of a small (6 – 15 cm) or big (15 – 25 cm) cactus, you can harvest and prepare the Sanpedro cactus for a psychedelic trip.

There are several ways to use the san pedro cactus, for example:
To peel the skin (the meat has the highest concentrations of mescaline) than,
Dry and grind the cactus, the powder can be used for consumption.
The powder can be mixed with a sweet and fruity drink like orange juice.  

For more methods to consume Sanpedro cactus have a look first at our instructions for elephantos psychedelic Sanpedro cactus 

Warnings for Sanpedro cactus: 
When you're using San pedro make sure there's someone with you to assist you when neccessary.

To buy ready to use San pedro or just the san pedro seeds or for more information about the effect or usage please have a look at our Elephantos psychedelic Sanpedro cactus or san pedro seeds !

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