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Salvia cherry 5X extract

Salvia cherry 5X extract

About Salvia Sage Cherry Extract 5x

salvia sage has its own unique effects you cannot compare salvia sage cherry with other hallucinogenic plants like magic mushrooms or cacti. Salvia causes only a 20 minutes to 1 hour short trip then you return to reality quickly.

This cherry flavored salvia taste better than our non flavored 5x salvia extract but is also standardized.

Effects of salvia cherry extract 5x

The shamans of the Mazatec tribe used this holy medicine to induce a trance. In this trance they could travel through the unconsciousness of the patient to find the source of a disease.
We experience salvia cherry in 6 trip stages:

  • A relaxed stage useful for meditation and may facilitate sexual pleasure.
  • A stage of less thinking and more perception.
  • A light visionary stage. Closed eye visuals
  • Another visionary stage. Hallucinations
  • You can experience being out of your body
  • Sometimes you can get in to a stage were you get up and start walk around (quite unaware of your surroundings, dangerous, use a sitter present allways)
  • Effects develop almost immediately and last about 15 minutes - then wear off very cleanly with no hangover or residual body load.


Cherry 5X extract, contains 12,5 mg. Salvanorin-A
1 gram extract: 12 strong doses or 25 medium doses.


  • Comfortably sit or lay down in a quiet, dark environment (with some appropiate music, without television).
  • Make sure you have a sitter present (under the influence of salvia people can sometimes get up and walk around and be quite unaware of theis surroundings)
  • It is difficult to ascertain the dosage without a scale, you can get around this by eyeballing the desired dosage and load it into a regular pipe
  • Inhale and hold the smoke in for as long as is comfortably possible
    This extract can not be used orally


Do not use when pregnant, nursing, depressed or on medication or in conjunction with other psychoactive substances, it can be greatly potentiated by other compounds. Take your explorations with Salvia Divinorum slowy, get to know the territory one step at a time. Use it with the respect and reverence it deserves and it will reward you with deep insight.

Do not use this online smartshop salvia sage cherry before you tried our salvia sage 5x standardized smokables! Also look for our salvia sage tropical rum extract 5x!

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Our happy customers
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Salvia cherry 5X extract by dhmhtrhs

it works....small doses like 0.? start to kick in and higher take you.... wonder how 10x works.......

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Salvia cherry 5X extract
Salvia cherry 5X extract by Julien

L'effet est venu d'un seul coup, je me suis senti très mal, un gros bad trip, n'essayez jamais cela ..

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Salvia cherry 5X extract
Salvia cherry 5X extract by Viktor

I just smoked half the bag I got. The only effect I got was extreme laughter för 30 secs. Then it wa..

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Salvia cherry 5X extract
Salvia cherry 5X extract by Rasmus

I enjoyed this extract, but when i were alone only. Once we made a blunt with 0.3g of this extract ..

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Salvia cherry 5X extract

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