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PH 7 buffer solution

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PH 7 buffer solution

Standard buffer solution with neutral pH 7 to calibrate your pH meter
To set your pH meter to precise values again you need to calibrate your meter before use.
To be able to do so you always need at least 2 different pH buffer solutions to calibrate a pH meter.

Calibrate your pH meter with pH 7 buffer solution:

Why?  because the glass electrode of your pH meter does not give correct measurements any more, if not calibrated before use every day.

To calibrate a pH meter for general purposes buffer solutions at pH 4 and pH 7 are acceptable to use to set the meter to read equal values again.

Usage of pH 7 buffer solution:

First use the standard/ neutral buffer solution pH 7 and set the meter reading equal to this value.
Then use the pH 4 buffer solution to adjust the meter reading the value of this second buffer
Some pH meters than have a third control which allows the temperature to be set.

Your pH meter is correct and ready to use again when all set!

Tip! If you always calibrate your measurer correctly, you will prevent your meter to read wrong values, also make sure you always store your meter correctly.

Quantity for pH 7 buffer solution:

  • 1 bottle: 20 ml  (pH 7 solution)


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