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About Ginseng

The magic herb Ginseng from our elephantos smartshop helps you to protect against flu and other viruses. It stimulates the body, especially in periods of stress.

1 portion of Ginseng contains

50 gram of ginseng powder


As a drink: Solve a teaspoon in a drink daily (this will give a general strengtheners, body cleaning and endurance increasing effect.)

To make tea: you boil 3 grams of Ginseng powder in water for 5 to 10 minutes, sieve it and it is ready to drink.

To eat: use 1 gram of ginseng powder when you are cooking chicken soup

Ginseng is suitable to combine with Fo ti tien, to bring your body and mind back in balance. For concentration and clearer thinking you can combine Ginseng with Guarana.


According to the Chinese herb knowledge the magic herb Ginseng is a remedy against tiredness as a result of extraordinary physical and mental exertion. It can strengthens the memory-, concentration- and reaction ability or can be used as remedy against heart- and vascular system, at stomach- and intestine complains and complains of the nerve-, muscle- and blood system. The magic herb ginseng supports also the side kidneys witch take care of recover and grow.


This is not a medicine, when you do got the flu or suffer from one of the above mentioned complains please also see a doctor. At normal doses there are no side effects. Excessive use can lead to a headache. Use 1 to 2 grams a day. Don't use Ginseng for over 4 weeks. An overdose Ginseng can led to sleeplessness, tensed muscles and hold liquid.

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